Straight slotted tap


Tap is a tool for processing internal threads. According to the shape, it can be divided into spiral groove tap, edge angle tap, straight groove tap and pipe thread tap, etc. according to the use environment, it can be divided into hand tap and machine tap, and according to the specification, it can be divided into metric tap, American tap, British tap, etc. Tap is the most mainstream processing tool used by manufacturing operators in tapping.
It is used for processing ordinary internal threads on nuts or other machine parts (i.e. tapping). Machine taps usually refer to high-speed steel grinding taps, which are suitable for tapping on machine tools; Hand tap refers to carbon tool steel or alloy tool steel rolling (or cutting) tap, which is suitable for manual tapping.
Tap is a tool for processing all kinds of medium and small internal threads. It is simple in structure and easy to use. It can be operated manually or on machine tools. It is widely used in production.
For small-size internal threads, tap is almost the only processing tool. The types of taps are: hand taps, machine taps, nut taps, extrusion Taps, etc.

Straight slotted tap is a tool used for thread processing of ordinary lathe, drilling machine and tapping machine. It has the strongest versatility, and can be processed through holes or through holes, non-ferrous metals or ferrous metals. The straight slotted tap has the best versatility and the strongest rigidity. Therefore, straight slotted taps are generally preferred when processing materials with high hardness (such as quenched steel above 40HRC) and chips in powder particles (such as cast iron and cast aluminum).

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