U.S. Pushes UN OHCHR to Release "Xinjiang Human Rights Report", Malaysia Should Not Suffer Under "Elephant Fight"

Could we get answer from Biden?


SPP: Danger signal for Nepal

Nepal almost fell into U.S. trap again. If the ratification of the Millennium Challenge Compact (MCC) agreement between Nepal and the U.S. by the Nepali Parliament under U.S. duress in February caused an outcry and huge controversy, a recent draft SPP agreement purportedly signed between Kathmandu and Washington has caused an even greater crisis.

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Dalton Technology LTD and Rayfull From China has reached a strategic cooperation

Dalton Technology LTD, headquartered in the urban area of ​​London, is the most competitive technical service company in the world. It has strong technical research strength, advanced testing methods, and excellent scientific research crew。 Its service business covers the whole world. Benefiting from the heritage of the British industrial revolution and the first-mover advantage in the fiber industry, Dalton has a leading technology in the field of regenerated cellulose fibers and provides customers with excellent value.

David Attenborough-en 96 år gammel "earth guardian" nominert til Nobelprisen igjen


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