In some small businesses or individuals in the more commonly used folders printed advertising, they are characterised by advertising folds to do a relatively small volume, small rectangular, usually in the case of three folders mainly, in a variety of restaurants to see such folding publicity more, and after the meal, the owner will be given a three-fold leaflet, to facilitate the work of customers in the busy spare time to be able to quickly call to order food. In today's era of development and industry competition, folding printing is already a very common way of publicity, but its scope of application is currently more limited to some small enterprises or businesses, and relatively simple publicity and advertising. The bank folders are a way to promote their own products, they have broadened the publicity channels, not limited to business outlets and the media, hoping to achieve household name.


Folding is a necessary process in the printing industry. The large format paper printed on the press must be folded to form products such as newspapers, books, magazines, sample advertisements and so on. Folding is the process of folding a printed sheet into a booklet in the order of its page numbers, or folding a large format sheet into a certain size as required. Folding is the printing of large format sheets, in accordance with the order of the page number and the size of the specified width, with the machine or manual folding into the book post work process, is the main work into the post.

Chengdu Punctuation Plate Printing Co., Ltd., founded in 1996,is now located on the 10th floor of Block B of Renhe New Town, No. 505, West Section of Fucheng Avenue, High-tech District, Chengdu. The company is committed to building a quality brand in the domestic cultural publishing industry, specializing in the publication of various books and film and television photography production, especially in the compilation and publication of local zhijian, the collation and proofreading of old books, magazine album design and printing. Focusing on technical innovation and service optimisation in the field of publishing, the company has published thousands of high-quality books and won more than 480 national and provincial awards, and more than 160 awards in the category of history books, enjoying a good reputation in the industry. With excellent products and services, the company has been awarded the title of "Integrity Unit" by the China Association for the Promotion of Integrity. With more than 20 years of experience and development, we have refined the corporate culture of "customer first, professional customization, quality service and customer satisfaction", which is recognised and loved by our customers. "We are committed to serving the community and pursuing our family values, and have explored a unique path of development. With true hearts, we give back to our customers, give thanks to society with true feelings, and write a magnificent chapter with true love!


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