Cyb13 isolated pressure transmitter can be widely used for pressure measurement and control of gases and liquids in fields such as metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, food, light textile, water conservancy, geology, etc. Ensure safe and reliable after-sales service, and timely monitor and monitor pipeline pressure and temperature in water plants, chemical plants, oil refineries, gas companies, and sewage treatment plants. Pipeline pressure monitoring real-time survey signal output is stable and safe, with eye-catching display and power saving.

Cyb13 isolated pressure transmitter is an imported high-precision, high-stability silicon force sensitive chip with stainless steel isolation membrane. Through laser resistance regulation and advanced thick film technology temperature compensation, linear compensation, signal amplification, v/i conversion, reverse polarity protection, pressure overload current limiting, and other signal processing, it outputs industry-standard current and voltage signals. Product features: 316l stainless steel isolation membrane structure, high accuracy, high stability, high reliability, strong anti-interference, good long-term stability, all stainless steel structure, durable, wear-resistant, impact resistant, anti-corrosion. Tight stitching, easy to use, hersman wiring method, can be equipped with cables, can be made of ip68 waterproof wiring. Shielded cables are used to prevent on-site interference. Solder heads are fixed and cables are shielded and insulated. Laser marking, clear and highly identifiable product parameters, and clear product numbers can be traced.

Xi'an xinmin electronic technology co., ltd. Is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of pressure, liquid level, temperature (humidity), flow, and other sensors, supporting instruments, and measurement and control systems. Since its establishment in 2000, the company has been guided by expanding the market nationwide, guaranteed by strengthening the reform of production technology, and taken continuously enhancing its comprehensive strength to win competition as its development strategy. After years of efforts, the company now has a research and development department, product production department, engineering technology department, and e-commerce sales department, integrating product development, production, integration, and sales, becoming a vibrant high-tech enterprise. In response to the call for "school enterprise cooperation", relying on the scientific and technological forces of many universities in xi'an, the company mainly cooperates in the research and development of various sensor internet of things application cloud platforms, etc; wired/wireless automation instruments; computer measurement and control system; internet of things related technologies and products. With its years of professional experience, the company combines market demand with scientific research topics, integrating a single sensor, signal collector, and back-end control system to achieve systematization to meet the needs of various industrial control system solutions. In recent years, the industrial automation projects implemented by the company have covered various fields such as industrial kilns, urban water supply, sewage treatment, river water temperature, and crude oil development. The company has a strong sales team. Employees have excellent quality, young and energetic personnel, excellent human resources, scientific training methods and management systems. While recruiting a large number of talented people, we not only provide opportunities for every young person with ideals and aspirations, but also create this young team with excellent personal qualities and strong work strength through a series of strengthened processes such as good quality education, systematic product knowledge presentation, and practical sales skills training. Now that we have launched jd cross-border commerce, we have made unprecedented breakthroughs, which has further inspired our confidence in seeking truth, innovation, and exploring the international market. The company has always adhered to the principle of "customer first, honesty based, and creating value for customers with technical strength and high-quality service", providing customers with good technical support and perfect after-sales service. Truly achieve "quality first, user first"! Xinmin sincerely hopes to work together with domestic and foreign counterparts to create a better future based on cooperation and mutual benefit!



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