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Parks are places we often visit. Parks can generally be divided into urban parks, forest parks, theme parks, etc. Common signs in the park include: guide map, billboards, signs, warning signs, etc. When you are enjoying the beautiful scenery of the park, have you noticed the signs everywhere, which act as silent guides and provide tourists with various effective information.As the main component of the public regional environment, the park signs have the functions of orientation guidance, interpretation and reminder. According to the humanized design, they are in line with their own design style and natural environment, transmit the content and experience of historical and cultural information, improve the recognition of indoor space, create site marks for tourists, and identify the corporate image of the park.

Function classification of Park signs:

1. Specific guidance Park signboard

The key signs of this kind of park are channel signs, warm welcome signs, signs, etc., which are mostly placed in the passages of parks or scenic spots, road forks, etc.Most of the parks are set with such Park signs, which are painted with simple and detailed descriptions of scenic routes and tourist attractions, and have a good reminder effect for tourists.

2. Management Park signboard

The key information of this kind of Park signboard is to identify the clear, warning, restriction or prohibition of tourists' movement in policies, regulations or rules to tourists.Signs commonly used in parks to mark "pay attention to fire safety", "cherish landscaping, protect the ecological environment" or "no smoking" have a good regulatory effect in the fields of Park guards, landscaping cleaning, garden party discipline and so on.

3. Education Park signboard

This kind of Park signboard includes the brands of flowers, plants and trees in the park, the indication of scenic spots, the management methods of Park signboards, etc.The brands of flowers, plants and trees are common in the park. Generally, the main poles of flowers, plants and trees should be pasted. The content is mainly the knowledge of the green plant: such as key characteristics, types, etc; The scenic spots show that they are mostly installed at key tourist attractions, and the educational park signs have the effect of cultural education or indication for tourists, so that tourists can not only master the scenic spots, but also gain knowledge in various fields and have an interesting role in the journey.

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