Patterned Powder Coatings


Powder coating is a kind of environmental protection and energy-saving product without "three wastes" pollution, which is a new product and new technology promoted and applied by the state. The products have been widely used in the coating of household appliances, office furniture, lamps, garden equipment, leisure products, vehicle parts, fire-fighting equipment, highway guardrails, anti-corrosion pipelines, ships, building hardware, liquefied cylinders, supermarket shelves, safes and other fields.

The patterned powder coating is characterized by beautiful and clear patterns, regular arrangement, rich stereoscopic feeling and strong decoration. This pattern can make up for defects such as pinholes, orange peel and pits on the coating surface, as well as defects caused by uneven metal workpiece surface, so it is especially suitable for coating castings with uneven surfaces.

"Excellent quality, excellent performance". Our "Wandis" brand thermosetting powder coatings have a regular customer base and a good reputation in Southwest China, North China and Northwest China. Since its inception, we have become the preferred product of our customers for its excellent surface effect, physical and chemical properties and cost performance. We focus on market trends and customer needs, and concentrate on producing quality powder coatings for building materials, sports equipment, teaching aids, shelves, protective facilities and other fields. For more than ten years, our company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "quality, service, innovation and win-win" and the core values of "customer-centric and quality-oriented", always insisting on quality products as the basis and excellent culture as the guarantee, committed to providing one-stop coating solutions for our partners. We are committed to providing one-stop painting solutions for our partners and continue to create maximum value for our customers.


Tan Yi


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