Spherical grinding and honing processing comparison analysis
1. Spherical grinding is free abrasive processing, in the process, free abrasive is easily embedded into the surface of the workpiece is not easy to find, forming sand trapping, which is a fatal defect for spherical workpiece; spherical honing is solid abrasive processing, solid abrasive is through the bonding agent to combine the abrasive together, so there is basically no embedded sand and sand trapping phenomenon; spherical grinding process, abrasive is in a free state, abrasive at the same time to the grinding tool and In the process of spherical grinding, the abrasive is in a free state, and the abrasive "scratches" and "plows" the workpiece at the same time, which is "soft cutting", so the processing efficiency is low; in the process of spherical honing, the relative position of the abrasive is fixed, and the exposed part of the abrasive "scratches" the workpiece. In the process of spherical honing, the relative position of the abrasive is fixed, and the exposed part of the abrasive is "scratched" and "plowed" on the surface of the workpiece, which is "hard cutting", so the processing efficiency can reach more than ten times of grinding.
2. When grinding the spherical surface with grinding tools and abrasives, the trajectory of abrasive movement is complicated and not repeated, and there is randomness, although it can obtain very low surface roughness value, but it is not easy to obtain high contour degree for the spherical surface; when honing the spherical surface, the trajectory of abrasive is uniform and fixed, and it has been cutting at the high point, which is conducive to improving the contour degree of the spherical surface.

At present, the application of spherical honing technology is relatively small, aerospace, gas hemisphere dynamic pressure motor use more, especially in the aerospace industry has been clearly proposed to replace grinding with honing, in order to avoid the pressure sand effect brought about by grinding, degradation layer problem, to ensure the reliability of the product. In the aerospace parts processing, the surface with high precision fit requirements or the working surface of the counterpart has been explicitly proposed not to allow grinding. Honing instead of traditional grinding solves the traditional precision grinding sand pressure effect, surface degradation layer problem, improves processing efficiency, reduces production cost by saving abrasive, and solves the problem of difficult cleaning of precision grinding, environmental pollution and harmful health.

Principle of spherical honing process
The working process of spherical honing is: the spherical workpiece is clamped on the spindle by the tooling and rotates itself at a certain speed, the grinding head is connected to the grinding head motor through a flexible coupling, the grinding head rotates at a certain speed, the grinding head motor is fixed on the pendulum arm and swings with the pendulum arm at a certain frequency.
In order to reduce the influence of the pendulum axis and the grinding head motor, the abrasive tool (oil stone) respectively with the different axis degree of the ball center on the processing accuracy, the honing head adopts the flexible coupling floating connection (the same as the ordinary honing machine), with the coupling hole as the guide, when honing, the abrasive grains on the garden circumference of the honing head and the high point on the spherical surface interfere with each other, on the one hand, the abrasive grains grind away the high point on the spherical surface, so that the workpiece gradually tends to " Standard ball", on the other hand, the spherical surface also correspondingly make the sharp corner of the abrasive grain or the whole abrasive grain broken type off, so that the oil stone (grinding head) to be trimmed to produce the contact edge belt and spherical coincidence.

Then because the honing head (oil stone) in the process of honing workpiece, both rotate and do reciprocal oscillation, so that the surface of the workpiece formed a cross spiral line mesh track.
Because the rotational speed of honing head (oil stone) is not an integer during each reciprocal oscillation stroke time, the honing head is relatively staggered in a certain position between each stroke, so that the complex movement makes the abrasive grains on the spherical surface not repeat the trajectory, and the spherical surface has equal opportunity to grind at each point, then the spherical surface of the workpiece and the edge of the oil stone constantly produce new interference points, and constantly grind away the interference points, and so on, so that the contact area between the spherical surface and the honing head (oil stone) keeps growing. This cycle makes the contact area between the spherical surface and the honing head (oil stone) grow continuously, the mutual interference and cutting effect is weakened continuously, the quality of the spherical surface is improved continuously, and the honing of the spherical surface is completed gradually.

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