CREAT-the mainstay of WEB3 ecological NFT track to exploit the potential commercial value of NFT


By the end of 2021, the NFT segment has become a unicorn track with a volume of tens of billions of dollars. According to NFTGo data, from July 2021, the NFT market ushered in a new round of explosive growth, in addition to some sky-high artwork, collectibles and PFP avatar-type projects collectively exploded, GameFi's fire is also driving the NFT segment, for a short period of time to flood a large amount of money as the main factor. So in the last year, NFT into the explosive period, the market NFT projects and the number of newly issued NFT assets, are beginning to show explosive growth.

Since entering 2022, especially in the late Q1 and early Q2 phases, the number of holders has gradually slowed down, and the number of trading platforms has started to show a precipitous decline, while the number of buyers and sellers has also shown a precipitous decline. This means that everyone's desire to trade NFT assets is gradually declining. after a period of rapid development, the combinability of NFT is still not fully developed, which makes the narrative of NFT is still poor (lack of liquidity is only one result). Therefore, building a new paradigm for NFT is the key to the problem.

Faced with industry opportunities and industry pain points, CREAT was born. CREAT is the world's leading trading platform for NFT digital collectibles. The platform has numerous functional templates that allow users to cast, trade and sell NFTs without threshold. CREAT provides excellent liquidity for users, protects the ownership and vested interests of NFT holders, promotes more transactions, encourages creator participation and enables global interconnection of users and creators.

CREAT is the user's port of entry to the NFT marketplace as well as a trade hub. NFTs on CREAT are initially minted through the CREAT Foundation and will be powered by ATM tokens. NFTs on CREAT will all be backed by the platform's commitment to identity, authenticity and proof of ownership.

CREAT is expanding its ecology to the outside world and continues to build partnerships with a number of sports superstars, animators, artists, collectors, photographers, producers, charitable organizations, etc. The exclusive and rare series of NFTs are jointly launched to all potential collectors and investors.

As the only official token issued by CREAT, ATM is the governance token in the CREAT ecosystem. ATM token holders can participate in CREAT system governance by holding ATM tokens. On CREAT platform, ATM is mainly used for transaction of GAS fees, platform service fees, certificate of value and pledge. The design of this economic incentive mode can ensure the stable development of CREAT platform. In the decentralized system of CREAT, ATM plays an indispensable role, which standardizes non- standardized values and circulates transactions in the free market to solve problems including low transaction rates and opaque transactions.

CREAT fully exploits the composability of NFT by combining NFT with the real world, promoting the practical application of NFT and moving towards the 2.0 era. as the user's entrance to the NFT ecology, CREAT is also being widely followed by various fields and becoming the mainstay of the WEB3 ecological NFT track.

With NFT as the effective means and blockchain technology as the implementation model, CREAT will leverage the trillions of market in the future digital world, and bestow each participating node with infinite value in promoting and improving the construction of the digital world.

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