Under the rapid changes of the times, see how digital money changes the traditional payment model

The wheel of the times keeps rolling forward, and the unchanging things can't get rid of the fixed number that has been crushed and eliminated. Only by constantly changing the old thinking and injecting new ideas can we survive and move forward. —— Today’s fierce competition, all of us clearly feel

DRC is more suitable for entertainment economy than net red mode

In the process of pursuing the interests of madness, Net Red Live is regarded by the whole people as the easiest and fastest way to realize self-worth. Considering the two aspects of rapid liquidation and user rights, in the era of rapid development of life rhythm, the emergence of DRC provides a better platform for the actual benefit output and speed of the entertainment industry. Although DRC co

Real estate speculation has gone, it is better to buy a DRC

In the past few years, domestic investors have set their sights on the crazy real estate speculators. "One million buys 50 million to sell" has created a myth of making a fortune. A variety of uneven real estate speculation has emerged in an endless stream, such as the increase in mortgage loans, high-rated high-loan, balloon loans, monthly loans and other types of real estate speculation, so that

Entertainment Eco Project DRC, grand launch on non-small platform

Short video is a new social way that gradually enters the public's field of vision. New things are always developed gradually through trial and error, especially in terms of user rights, there are value distribution, resource diversion, original maintenance, rapid realization, etc. problem. The industry pain point of uneven distribution of value among the short-video industry value chain (net red,

The DRC lived up to expectations and the trading contest was a complete success

A trading war triggered by luxury cars, sea view rooms, and tickets was fiercely staged in the currency circle. Various project parties, capitalists, experts, and retail investors gathered around, and there was a lot of discussion about what happened. After careful inquiries, it turned out that the 10-day trading contest initiated by DRC has just come to an end. Under the stimulation of huge prize

InvestDigital accelerated their globalisation strategy Achieved remarkable result in building the ecology of digital currency business

​InvestDigital is a world leading digital currency financial institution, the frontier in the wave of decentralised finance (DeFi). InvestDigital is thrive in blockchain industry to provide digital currency financial services and committed to creating a comprehensive digital currency financial group integrating fund platform, bank and global payment system.

Together with the people and the people, witness the rapid growth of DRC

According to the market environment that has gradually recovered this year and the performance of various strength projects in the circle, the cryptocurrency market gradually shows the market characteristics of the bull market, and the market environment has a great probability that it has entered a new round of currency appreciation. Under the background of favorable environmental conditions, bas

The next bull market is coming, DRC will work with you to create wealth

The recent rise in Bitcoin has exceeded many people's expectations, and the market has rebounded immediately. Since the introduction of Bitcoin 10 years ago, it has become a digital currency that can change our way of life. It can be used as a form of payment to remit money around the world, trade other cryptocurrencies, and more. It is true that Bitcoin has not made any substantial breakthroughs

Only 10 days on the line, the value increased by 240%, how to achieve rapid value-added DRC

Value: In economics, value is an important property of a commodity. It represents how much the commodity can be exchanged for other commodities. The value is usually measured by money and becomes the price. The value in this view is actually the performance of exchange value, that is, the value of the product. When it comes to product value, it reflects the market demand of products to a certain e

On the last day of the DRC trading contest, the hand is slow and there is no hurry to participate in the welfare

DRC opened the trading contest for the detonation coin ring Stimulated by luxury prizes such as Ferrari and sea view rooms Users who come from the wind have begun to actively participate Now the contest is coming to an end.

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