What are the requirements of the textile finishing agent in the finishing process?

The finishing process is mostly related to the modification of the fiber surface (outer surface and inner surface). In terms of the requirements of the textile finishing agent, in addition to giving it a new feel style or a new surface visual style, it also requires that these styles be maintained as long as possible.

How to do daily maintenance of handheld portable golf laser rangefinder

Laser rangefinder is widely used in industry, construction, metallurgy and other industries due to its high measurement accuracy and ease of use. In the process of using the handheld portable golf laser rangefinder, there are many issues that need attention.

What are the advantages of aluminum t profile?

It is generally made of aluminum and aluminum alloy by hot extrusion or rolling, so it is called aluminum t profile. If the steel is made by rolling, it is called steel aluminum profile.

What kind of machine slide carriage is it?

Machine slide carriages are generally used to support cargo. Machine slide carriages can run on overhead rails. There are many machine slide carriages. For example, to avoid excessive deflection of the chain, it can be divided into heavy machine slide carriages. An empty machine slide carriage.

Thermoforming package is more suitable for ETO gas sterilization

It has been observed that the thermoforming package which use medical Grade Paper on one side helps in faster aeration of EO Gas than laminate on both the sides. Permeability is one of the most important criteria.

Matters needing attention when selecting connector parts 5 axis cnc machining

The appearance of the connector part 5 axis cnc machining was once a sensation in the market, and has successfully changed the industry pattern.

Changes Brought by CNC Lathe to Production Methods

Changes Brought by CNC Lathe to Production Methods

Suggestions for Using Pouch Packing Machine

The pouch packing machine takes the bag automatically through mechanical aspects, and then automatically unfolds it, and then repacks it. The whole process can truly achieve an unmanned operation, because we are in the production process. Many things require automation and mechanization. packing machine is now in the direction of rapid development, the development process is not only multi-functio

What are the advantages of frp square tube?

FRP square tube has a variety of properties, the key to determining these properties is the base material for making FRP square tube, such as elastic modulus, insulation, heat resistance, electromagnetic wave permeability, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. performance.

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